We translate brand visions & stories into places.
How does that work? The plots for some of the world’s most iconic movies are simple as can be: a ship goes down. And yet, somewhere along the way, information is transformed into pure emotion. Our approach to places is similar: we take the brand as our script, staging a comprehensive experience within a space. At its heart, you will always find people and their individual experience. In our work, two minds merge: in order to create holistic designs, architecture and communication design go hand in glove. This enables us to work effortlessly, always transcending familiar forms. We also believe that there is a secret formula for really good concepts: fun & passion. We bring both of these to our work with our clients. Creative exchange with our clients is a natural part of our philosophy.
Corporate Architecture / Corporate Identity & Design / Communication Concepts / Brand Worlds / Interior Design / Trade Fair Design / Exhibition Design / Retail Design / Shop in Shop / Pop-Up Shops / Showrooms / Stage Sets / Event Architecture

Team When first we met in 2016, we had both seen it all, professionally. Nothing much was going to astonish us anymore. Until we worked together on a project: astonished silence. And that is rare, for us.

It was quickly obvious that we want to make this perfect symbiosis of architecture and communication in space a lasting one. Ever since, we have been searching for the best interdisciplinary specialists, bringing them on board with us. In 2018, we finally launched Doppelpack.

Bringing you the perfect flow of architecture and communication in space … and lots of love for design.

Linda Wortmann
Born in 1981 – Dipl. Ing. (FH) in Architecture
The architect Linda Wortmann transforms concepts into structures in space. Today, she works for some of the world’s leading brands. For many years, her staging of brands in spaces – from trade fair architecture to shops & retail – has moved people in very different surroundings. Her work is invariably based on a crystal-clear, strong concept. No wonder that the Beuth Academy of Technology hired her to teach “Interior Design with a Focus on Concepts” in 2013.

Verena Wolz
Born in 1980 – Dipl. Des. (FH) in Communication Design
The communication designer Verena Wolz gives clear function to any structure within a space. Before, there may have been walls – now there are compelling messages. She designs holistic spaces: from the first glance to the lingering feeling the visitor leaves with. Everything is part of the brand’s strategic concept; nothing is left to chance. It is logical that leading international brands such as Lufthansa or Mercedes Benz trust her concepts.

ABUS / Accenture / Alltours / Astra Zeneca / Babor / BOSCH / Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (Federation of German Industries) / Christian Fischbacher / DAIMLER / Deutsche Telekom / Europa Park / genua / Goethe Institute Mexico / Hörbiger / Konzerthaus Berlin / Lars Leppin / Lufthansa / Mercedes-Benz / Michelin / Microsoft / MTV / Philips / Roca / Runners Point / SHARP / Southern Comfort / Villeroy & Boch / 21 Gramm Berlin
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